GoCare iPad Protection

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GoCare iPad Protection
Drops, Spills, Liquid Damage and more Backed by Lyndon Southern Insurance Covers working iPads, old or new 30-Day money back guarantee Unlimited Repair Claims
$50 deductible on claims

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  • Number of claims
  • Deductible for claims
  • New and used devices covered
  • Same-day Replacements*
  • Buy Back Protection
  • $2402 years
  • 2 claims
  • $149
  • $2402 years
  • 2 claims
  • $199
  • $3122 years
  • 2 claims
  • $100
  • $1192 years
  • Unlimited Claims
  • $50
Comparing AT&T's Mobile Protection Pack, Total Mobile Protection from Verizon and Advanced Protection Pack from Sprint. All data is based on the Apple iPad Air Model.
*Some limitations apply.

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4.9 / 5 review average

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Elite merchant 9.67 / 10

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5 star review average

Drops and Cracks?
No Worries.

Accidents happen and GoCare’s Protection Plans are here to help. We cover you from accidental drops, falls, cracks and more! We quickly repair or replace your phone so you can go on without a worry.

Take the Chills
Out of Spills.

Water and electronics don’t mix, but with GoCare protection, you can be at ease knowing that you have coverage against spills, water damage, and even full submersion.

Don't Get Struck with a
Shortage of Protection.

Mechanical failure could leave your device in less than working condition without warning. With the Gocare Protection Plan, we replace faulty parts and even extend your existing Manufacturer’s warranty, so you are always protected against the unexpected.

See Why Gocare is the
Right Choice

Our comprehensive, value-priced protection plans help protect the things you can’t live without. GoCare’s knowledgeable and friendly customer service team deliver the results our customer’s value – and it shows in our top ratings! Read our reviews to see why your devices should be protected by GoCare.

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AD= Accident, EW = Ext. Warranty

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Your price: $54.00
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