iPhone Protection

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Get Protection from drops, spills and mechanical breakdown for one low price.

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Plan Cost

  • $1000

    Major Carrier Phone Insurance

  • $799

    GoCare Protection


  • $19900

    Major Carrier Deductible Cost

  • $7500

    GoCare Deductible Cost


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The more you protect, the more you save!

Drops and Cracks?
No Worries

Accidents happen and GoCare’s Protection Plans are here to help. We cover you from accidental drops, falls, cracks and more! We quickly repair or replace your phone so you can go on without a worry.

Take the Chills
Out of Spills.

Water and electronics don’t mix, but with GoCare protection, you can be at ease knowing that you have coverage against spills, water damage, and even full submersion.

Don't Get Struck with a
Shortage of Protection.

Mechanical failure could leave your device in less than working condition without warning. With the Gocare Protection Plan, we replace faulty parts and even extend your existing Manufacturer’s warranty, so you're always protected against the unexpected.