SCVI iPad 2 Protection Plan

SCVI iPad 2 Protection Plan

#1 Rated iPad Protection, starting at only $77!

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Covers new and used iPads

Extended Warranty

Unlimited repair and ext. warranty claims

Insured by Lyndon Southern Insurance

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Your price: $77.00
You will receive an automated email requesting photos when you purchase your coverage. This only applies if you purchased your School Portal coverage 30 days or more after the portal opened.

Coverage Features

  • Accidental damage
  • Extended Warranty
  • Liquid Submersion
  • Unlimited claims
  • Jailbroken devices covered
  • New, Used & Refurb devices covered

More Benefits

  • Cash, repair or replacement
  • Dedicated Support
  • Data Recovery
  • Technical Support
  • Buy-back coverage
  • Devices of any age covered

Company facts

  • A rated with the BBB
  • 1000's of customers protected
  • #1 rated coverage by consumers and business
  • Top choice by many schools and government

In the news

#1 rated by the most important members of GoCare: our customers

Covered Issues

Accidents (any damage caused by accident including cracked glass, water damage, broken buttons, etc.)

Water Damage (spills or submersion)

Extended warranty including normal use failure (Battery, charging and headphone jack failure, etc.)

Purchasing coverage

Coverage may be purchased directly on our site or over the phone.

After purchase of our plans, there is a 30 day waiting period during which you do not have coverage. If you wish to get immediate coverage, you may send us photos of the front and back of your device to
After we review and approve them, you will have immediate coverage for accident damage.

You are given a 15 day full money back guarantee.

Our GoCare insurance can cover your device for up to 2 years.


Deductibles change according to policy purchased

Repair or Replacement

Based on what damage occurred to your device, we will let you know if it's suitable for repair, otherwise it will be replaced.

Claims Process

Step 1: File a Claim

Log-in to your account at Click on the file and manage claims link on your account dashboard. Follow the instructions on that page to file a claim and pay for your deductible. You must pay for your deductible before filing a claim.

Step 2: Shipping your device

If your device is damaged, you will need to ship it to our service center. We will do our best to have it repaired for you within 2-3 business days after receiving it.

Older devices

There is no deadline to purchase coverage with us. We cover devices of any age, as long as they are 100% functional. You do not need proof of purchase, only the serial #.


Our commitment of service is an average 3 business day turn-around time for claims.

For most repairs, you will have your claim processed and your device shipped back to you within 3 business days after we receive it, unless there is extensive damage that requires extra time to diagnose and repair.

95% of devices are repairable and will not need to be replaced.

Billing, Transfers and Purchasing coverage:
Q: How do I purchase a GoCare insurance plan?
A: Visit and select the device you wish to cover. On the product page, select the appropriate options for your device such as size, color and plan length. Click add to cart. If you need to add another device, select continue shopping or if you're ready to checkout, click Proceed to checkout. Fill in the billing information and complete your purchase
Q: Is there a deadline for getting coverage on my device?
A: You can enroll with GoCare at any time after the purchase of your device. We cover devices of any age, as long as they are 100% functional with no prior damage, defects or repair work.
Q: Is there a processing fee for signing up with GoCare?
A: No.
Q: What devices are covered by GoCare?
A: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most other cell phones.
Q: When will I be charged?
A: As soon as you successfully complete enrollment, your credit card will be charged and you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you're covered.
Q: How does protect my credit card information?
A: Billing is VeriSign secured and your personal credit card information remains completely protected throughout the enrollment process.
Q: Can I cancel GoCare if I decide I don't want coverage anymore?
A: Yes, only if you have not made a claim. You may cancel at any time by calling 1-855-462-2731 to speak with a rep or email You will receive a pro-rated refund of your premium based on a monthly cost of $7.99
Q: How often do I pay the premium?
A: This program is paid in full at the time of purchase. This policy is renewable at the end of your term upon approval.
Q: Do you cover unlocked phones?
A: Yes. Please select 'All other carriers' for the iPhone type, if you have an unlocked phone you want to buy coverage on.
Q: Do you offer a refund policy?
A: Within 15 days of purchase, you may request a full refund for your plan, unless you have made a claim. After 15 days, a pro-rated refund will be provided based on a $7.99 plan, unless you have made a claim.
Q: Can I tranfer my coverage to a different device during my plan?
A: You may transfer to the same device if you receive a warranty replacement device given to you by your manufacturer. You must provide proof of this warranty swap in order to file a claim. If you want to upgrade to a different device, e.g going from an iPhone 4s to an iPhone 5, you must call us and inform us of the new device before coverage will be extended. We will then pro-rate a refund for the original device and purchase new coverage for the upgraded device.
Program Details
Q: What does GoCare cover?
A: GoCare covers Accidental damage, liquid damage, and out of warranty failures.
Q: What happens if I drop it in water? Is this covered?
A: Yes.
Q: Do you cover any damage?
A: We do not cover damage caused by abuse, negligence, or carelessness. The damage must be caused by normal use. We do not cover catastrophic damage to the device such as the device being broken in half, crushed or in pieces.
Q: What is the difference between GoCare and other companies and why should I choose GoCare?
A: GoCare is the only company that offer coverage for new and used electronics at an affordable price, with flexible plans and deductibles as well as a focus on the highest quality repairs and the fastest claim handling times. GoCare is the only service that offers BuyBack coverage, data recovery services, technical support and loaner phones, all included in your premium cost. Other companies do not offer these features and charge much higher deductibles. GoCare also does not put a limit of the amount of claims you can make for accidents, a feature not found with most other companies. GoCare is the only company that offers a group plan covering all the mobile electronics owned by your friends or family for a fixed low price.
Q: How much does GoCare cost?
A: It depends. Prices start at $59 for 1 year for most devices.
Q:How does the group plan work?
A: You purchase coverage on 5 or more devices and save money over individual plan pricing.
Q: Is there a deductible?
A: Yes, there is a deductible payable only when you file a claim. Please see your confirmation email for specific deductibles applicable to your plan.
Q: Can I cancel GoCare if I decide I don't want coverage anymore?
A: Yes, only if you have not made a claim. You may cancel at any time by calling 1-855-462-2731 or email You will receive a pro-rated refund of your unearned monthly premium based on a $7.99 monthly rate.
Replacements, Repairs and the claim process:
Q: How do I file a claim?
A: If your phone is lost, stolen, damaged, or experiences an out of warranty failure, simply visit, log-in to your account and view your account dashboard. Click on the fil and manage claims link. Then follow the instructions that are given. You must pay for your deductible first before filing a claim. You may also email or call 1-855-462-2731 for assistance.
Q: What information will I need to file a claim?
A: To file a claim, you'll need your phone number and the email address of the account on file with us, the model and serial # of your device, and credit card for paying the deductible.
Q: What is my deductible?
A: Deductibles vary. Please see your confirmation email receipt for deductibles specific to you or call 1-855-GOCARE-1.
Q: When will I receive my replacement device?
A: You will typically receive your replacement device within 2-3 busines days after the claim is approved and after we have attempted to repair the device first. Delivery is not available on Saturdays or Sundays.
Q: Is there a limit on the number of claims I can file with GoCare?
A: Yes and No. We are the only company that offers unlimited claims for repairs, however, if we must replace your device, you are given 1 replacement. Repairs are successful most of the time, so replacements are rarely necessary.
Q: After I file a claim, does my coverage end?
A: No. It will only end if we have to replace your device.
Q: Will I receive the latest model when filing a claim?
A: If we have to replace your device, then you will receive the exact same model you covered with us. If the same model isn't available, you will receive a model closest to your device in features and functionality.
Q: Do I need to save personal content (contacts, apps, ringtones, pictures, etc.) before returning my device to GoCare?
A: If possible, sync your device with iTunes before sending it to GoCare. If your device is liquid damaged, DO NOT sync your device or attempt to turn it on.
Q: Should I return all of my accessories with the device (charger, car charger, base, cards, belt clip)?
A: No. You do not need to send anything but your device. Keep your SIM card and all accessories. If any of your accessories were damaged or suspected of causing damage to your device, please discontinue use.
Q: What should I do if I didn’t receive all of the contents I expected in my shipment from GoCare?
A: Contact one of our Agents at 1-855-462-2731, then press option 2 for assistance. Always make sure to declare any other contents being shipped along with the device
Q: How do I find out if my defective or broken device has been received by GoCare?
A: You can check online by logging in to your account at and click on the file and manage claims link. You can view the status of a claim at any time there or contact a GoCare representative at 1-855-462-2731 for status. Keep in mind that it could take up to 5 business days for delivery, depending on the type of shipping method.
Q: Will replacement devices be new or refurbished?
A: Replacements may be new or remanufactured and will be backed by a 90 day limited warranty.

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